The Harbinger Company We specialize in designing and making extraordinary products with ordinary materials. We strive to recreate everyday objects into classic treasures—pieces that feel good to the hands, nice to the eyes, and friendly to the environment.

High-Tech Craft

The Harbinger Company uses a mix of technology and old-school craft. Every design is hand drawn in conceptual phase, drafted on the computer, sent to the lasercutter, hand-assembled by the designer, and then boxed in locally printed packaging. The final result: a clean and well-crafted piece of art from us to you.

Made Locally

All Harbinger Co. products are designed, made, and packaged in Southern California. We strive to keep production as local as possible to support neighborhood businesses and the local economy, and to minimize carbon emissions from freight.

Eco-friendly Materials

“Sustainability”: A trendy and over-used word these days, but nonetheless a worthy goal for any ethical business. The Harbinger Co. strives to use materials that are renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, and/or as close to their organic state as possible.

Ideas First

The Harbinger Co. is a product design company. And as designers, we don’t let great ideas fly by just because they don’t fit our existing “brand.” Thus, check back often for new and unexpected designs.